terminal sound system

Dust Songs - the new album, available as 2x12" 180g vinyl, CD digipack & digital download.
Out now through Denovali Records.



The Terminal Sound System is stk and an army of robots, keeping time for armageddon.

Audio/video produced at (i)=x, 3350 Australia.

The new album A Sun Spinning Backwards – out now on Denovali Records.

The Terminal Sound System has released a number of albums and EPs.

You can find them here.

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Heavy Weather

2011 Denovali

Constructing Towers

2008 Extreme Music


2007 Extreme Music

Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon

2005 Hive Records

The Unquiet Sun

2003 Embryo Recordings

Black Note EP

2003 Embryo Recordings


2002 Release Entertainment


1999 Embryo Recordings



This is what happens between TSS albums; studio outtakes, fragments, debris.


I’m not going to rant – this subject is a dark and winding rabbit hole of arguments, and I don’t even know if anyone is reading this anyway.

I’d just like to say this; I am a passionate musician, I spend a great deal of my time creating music and I love the fact that others have the opportunity to hear it. All the artists I know are the same.

All the labels I’ve worked with are run by honest, supportive people who do what they do for one reason – because they love music.

None of us are rich. Like most people I work a day job to support my family. This is a given. I play shows and tour when I can, which is not as much as I’d like.

So, I have no problem with anyone downloading my music. I want you to hear it. But please, if you find yourself enjoying it, listening to it often, please buy it either from myself or my labels.

The money from sales from my Bandcamp store helps pay for things like upkeep and upgrading of studio equipment (so I can make more music), and allows me to buy music from other musicians.

The money from sales through my labels helps them to continue supporting and releasing amazing new music.

I believe in a supportive and fair world, where artists can earn a little reward for their hard work. The old regime is dead, even if it doesn’t know it yet. I don’t even know where their graves lie.

There are countless amazing artists out there putting good back into the world, and you get to choose whether they get paid a small amount of money for their work.

Please support the new frontiers, and truly give power back to people.

Thank you.

Skye Klein / Terminal Sound System.